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AFTek Quad Arc

AFTek Power 22 Key Benefits

  • Designed for heavy arc welding.
  • Designed to perform all other welding processes with optional add-on modules.
  • Engineered for low maintenance in harsh environments.
  • Submerged arc
  • Air Arc Gouging to ½” electrodes
  • FCAW (flux core MIG) All positions, self or gas shielded.
  • Performing outstanding results on stainless, or steel castings.
  • Power sources, rated for 100% duty cycle. Amperage range adjustable in 5 amp increments.
  • Designed with Harsh Environment in mind.
  • Designed with a single Transformer on the MV1500G1.
  • Powder Coated for a long lasting durable paint job.
  • Protected with Thermostatically controlled alarms on the Rectifiers and the Transformers.
  • Designed to shut down if any of the Alarms are Energized.
  • Also designed with an easy-to-reset overload breaker for circuit protection.
  • Also available with optional protection for incoming Primary Power.
  • Dimensions 51” Wide x 40” Deep x 57” Tall.
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