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Fusion 45 Induction Console

Mobile, Robust Technology


Heat treating isn't done in a laboratory, or a clean room. Applications are out in the real world, where dirt, grease and grime are normal. Hotfoil's new induction heater is designed to work in the toughest conditions, and continue to run shift after shift.

Induction heating can improve your bottom line by decreasing weld failures, and decreasing setup and tear down times. The technology allows for accurate temp control, without heavy electrical service or complicated controls. The portability and ease of use will allow you to heat more welds faster.
Fusion 45 Induction Console


16” OD 0.25” wall preheated to 450° in under a minute. Using our premade blankets makes setup just as fast.

Faster Heat Treating & Decreased Weld Failures CABLES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS
Our induction cables are made from top quality material and specially designed to be flexible and durable. The user is protected from high voltages by cam-locked connections.

Our two-cable system increases the lifetime of the cables. The water cooled inductor cable is made from a yarn-reinforced hose which can be easily wrapped around the workpiece with good cut resistance.
Together, this system allows for quick workpiece setup, allowing your crew to get more done with less downtime.


The Fusion 45 is powered by the Eurothem Nanodac controller. It has a step programmer, 4 thermocouple inputs, data logging, and remote viewing.

The Nanodac also has advanced features like automatic T/C swapping for preheating and chart creation using the free Review software on your PC.
Fusion 45 Induction Console
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