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FM Approved Epoxy Laminated Panel (ELP) Tank Heating Panels

FM Approved Heater
The Epoxy Laminated Panel (ELP) is the most versatile tank heater available. Possessing unique flexibility, ELP heating panels can be used in a variety of heating applications spanning from freeze protection to process heating with exposure temperatures ranging from -40° F to +212° F.

Patented flat foil resistive elements are laminated by heat and pressure in a multi-layer fiberglass construction with epoxy resin. The resulting electric heater design is a semi-flexible panel that is waterproof and durable.

Type ELP Heating Panel

It's unique epoxy-fiberglass construction utilizes foil resistance elements that are synonymous with our proven range of products. The low watt density of this heating panel, together with its low mass, provide unequaled thermodynamic performance.

ELP heating panels can be used on either vertical or horizontal tanks with diameters of 48" and above, with either metallic or non-metallic construction. They can be used in dry, wet, or corrosive environments.

ELP panels are available in nine standard designs for 120/240volts. They are quick and easy to install and require no special tools or skills. Heaters are usually installed by banding them to the tank with metal bands or polyester straps, which takes only a matter of minutes. After installing the heating panels, adhesive aluminum tape should be applied to the edges of the heaters acting as a seal. This will prevent thermal insulation becoming trapped between the heating panels and the tank.

To comply with the NEC 427.23 all heaters are supplied with an overall ground.

The Hotfoil type ELP heating panel is approved for hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

ELP Brochure ELP IOM Tank Heating RFQ

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