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FM Approved Silicone Rubber Heaters

FM Approved Heater
The Hotfoil Silicone Rubber Heaters are well proven, tried and tested flexible heaters offer high loadings for heating of tanks and vessels.
The thin profile of the Silicone Rubber Heater offers virtually no thermal inertia, and within minutes elevated temperatures are attained. The nichrome heating element is heat and pressure vulcanized to produce a homogenous laminate. A ground screen is incorporated in the laminate to meet NEC 427.23.

Material details: Two layers of thick silicone rubber compound, sheath cured on one side, sheath layers are calendared with high strength fiberglass mesh and vulcanized together under heat and pressure. The grounding mesh is located on the assembly. A further layer of silicone rubber is applied and vulcanized making a homogenous assembly.
Silicone Rubber Heater HSR HSRX

Standard heaters are available from stock. Customized and special heaters can be made to suit specific requirements. Two types are available: HSR for ordinary areas and HSRX for hazardous locations.

HSR-HSRX Data Sheet HSR Data Sheet HSRX Data Sheet

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