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Heat Control Systems for Hazardous Areas

Hotfoil designs and fabricates custom control panels for hazardous area heating systems. The objective is to provide customers with a single-source, turn-key, electrical heating and control system solutions provider. Hotfoil can safely and economically engineer heating systems for any hazardous area.

Coal handling systems require special attention and experienced application engineers. Electric heat prevents coal freeze-ups in hoppers and conveyors. The control systems must be designed with safety, economy, and performance in mind.
Coal Handling Heat Controls
Hotfoil designs are produced on AutoCAD and can be tailored to the specific application.
Project management philosophy is clear and simple - devise a concept, list the requirements, produce a design, fabricate the systems, and fully test.

On-site start-up assistance is available for all control panels and all products are 100% quality tested prior to leaving the facility.
Coal Handling Heat Controls
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