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545 Ampere Multi-Process Welding Machine

Featuring Demand Pulse MIG, the NO SPATTER low heat input welding process for outstanding results on STAINLESS, GALVANIZED, INCONELS and other hard-to-weld materials, from 22 gauge to several inches. A NON SHORT-CIRCUITING, low heat input process that produces little or NO SPATTER! Great results for thin, thin sheet metal, open root pressure welds in vessels and pipe, easiest 5G welds with GMAW, GTAW, or SMAW (5P). Easiest out of position welding you have ever seen! AFTEK replaces TIG!
AFTek MV545

Key Features

  • Digital meters
  • NO special programming required
  • NO special gases required
  • NO special feeder required
  • Lift Arc TIG (Optional)
  • Patented Demand Pulse offers low to NO SPATTER with lowest heat input
  • Excellent TIG arc
  • Excellent stick arc
  • 230/460/575 3 phase, other voltages available
  • Reduces distortion – weld 22 gauge with .035 wire

Welding Module Specifications

  • Model: MV545DPM
  • Rated Welding Current: 545A
  • Arc Voltage: 25-35A
  • Welding Current: 5A-545A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 60 VDC
  • Duty Cycle: 60%
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