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Hotfoil-EHS HeadquartersHamilton NJ Headquarters and EHS Product Facility

Hotfoil has a long, established history of product innovation and quality. Since its founding in the United Kingdom in the mid 1960’s, the company has gone through several changes in ownership and management. In 1993, my father, Neville Richards, and I took ownership of Hotfoil, Inc.

AFTek-EHSHamilton NJ Fabrication and Welding Facility

In 1996, Electric Heating Systems (EHS) was formed to provide equipment to the heat treating industry.

In 2007, we recognized the value of producing our own transformers, both for internal needs as well as external sales. Soon after, a welding equipment and transformer manufacturer named AFTek was acquired. AFTek-EHS operates today in Hamilton, NJ.

In 2010, HeatandWeld.com was launched as the e-commerce division of Hotfoil and EHS, selling our line of heaters, controls, and heat treating consumables.

Hotfoil-EHS TexasHotfoil-EHS located in LaPorte, TX

In 2012, Hotfoil and EHS merged into a new entity appropriately named Hotfoil-EHS, Inc. The merger produced an organization with over 70 employees and an impressive engineering capability.

Through continued re-investment of profits, Hotfoil-EHS subsequently acquired additional large fabrication facilities and assets, resulting in expansive facilities that include laser cutters, CNC machines, sheet metal breaks, Bridgeport milling machines, rollers and welding machines.

Hotfoil-EHS TexasHotfoil-EHS located in LaPorte, TX

Today, Hotfoil-EHS is a full-service engineering, design, and manufacturing company for any type of industrial heating requirement.

From what started in 1993 as a humble 800-square-feet facility in a commercial office building, has grown to a total of 68,000-square-feet of manufacturing space located in Hamilton, NJ and LaPorte, TX.

Throughout the company's growth and success, our core belief has never changed - our customers always come first, and that their satisfaction is paramount.

Matt Richards