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Hotfoil-EHS HQ

Hotfoil-EHS, headquartered in Hamilton, NJ with manufacturing facilities in Chattanooga, TN and LaPorte, TX, is a manufacturer of industrial surface heating equipment, power consoles, pre and post-weld heat treating equipment, and custom furnaces.

HotFoil-EHS AftekRecognized for their application experience, engineering skills and their "can-do" attitude for hard-to-solve custom heating solutions, the company has seen outstanding growth over the last three decades.

The NJ facility is the main administrative and central engineering office. This facility manufactures the Hotfoil and the EHS product lines, while the Chattanooga facility manufactures the AFTek product line.

Hotfoil-EHS LaPorte, TXThe LaPorte TX facility operates as a satellite manufacturing facility for Hotfoil and EHS products.

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