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Type MI Metal Sheathed Heating Cable

FM Approved MI Heating Cable

Mineral insulated, Nickel Chrome alloy sheathed heating cables have found a niche in the electric surface heating industry. These robust heaters have earned a reputation for strength and durability.

The heater is comprised of three components:

  1. A central conductor of an electrically resistive metal.
  2. Surrounded by a highly compressed mineral insulant (MgO).
  3. Sheathed with a metal covering of copper or stainless steel.  The metal sheathing provides a permanent ground to comply with NEC 427.23.
MI Cable Heater
FM Approved Heater
The cables, approved by FM, UL, CSA, and can be installed in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.
Copper sheathed cables are used for general environments where corrosion and high temperatures will not be present. The cables should not be used above a working temperature of 300°F or where a exposure temperature of more than 400°F is required.

Nickel Chrome alloy cables are able to withstand 1250°F energized and can maintain temperatures up to 800°F. The base sheath is unaffected by a wide range of aggressive alkalis and acids, thus making the cable ideal for projects in chemical plants, refineries, utilities, etc.

Using single or three phase supplies and carefully selecting the correct cable can make heating circuits for voltages up to 600 volts.  Hotfoil offers a design service to clients for all heating cables and ancillary components.

Both single and two core heating cables are available and thorough consideration is given to each design to give the best system possible.

On all M.I. systems it is recommended that metal tape or foil be applied over the heating cables prior to installing the thermal insulation. This will avoid any thermal insulation becoming trapped between the cable and the object being heated.

For special projects, Hotfoil incorporates mineral insulated (MI) heating circuits into a blanket-type layout, using clips to attach the circuits to a wire mesh in a configured pattern.

The circuits are CSA and FM Approved for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Virtually any shaped heater can be made using the mesh as a former. The element layout can be designed to vary the heater watt density by alternating the spacing between the runs of the circuit should zonal heating be required. These robust heaters can be strapped/banded to tanks (metallic only), vessels, large pipes, hoppers, etc.

MI Cable IOM