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The Hotfoil-EHS eCommerce Site - HeatandWeld.com

Need it Now? Try HeatandWeld.com
- order your industrial heating and welding heating needs online!

HeatandWeld.com ships from stock the following products:

Electric Heaters: Hopper heaters, precipitator heaters, external tank heaters, flash hopper heaters, conical ash hopper heaters, baghouse heaters, constant wattage heat tracing, and self-regulating heat tracing.

Heat Treating Power Consoles and Weld Pre-Heat Equipment: Power consoles, ceramic mat heaters, thermocouple attachment units (TAU), pinwiders & Brinell kits, insulation, connectors and accessories.

Controls and Recorders: Electonic temperature controllers, bulb & cap thermostats, chart recorders, and dataloggers.

Sensors, Wire, and Connectors: Thermocouples, thermocouple wire, and thermocouple jacks, and conductive putty.

Multi-Operator Welding Equipment: Grids, mainframes and power supplies.